What Are All The Ability Controls In Botw (2024)


Welcome, fellow adventurers, to the enchanting world of Hyrule! If you've ever found yourself wondering about the intricate details of ability controls in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW), you're in the right place. In this guide, we'll delve into the mystical realm of Link's abilities, exploring the game's mechanics and controls that make this iconic title a truly immersive experience.

The Basics: H1 - Movement and Exploration

To start our journey, let's talk about the fundamental controls that govern Link's movement and exploration. Mastering these controls is crucial for navigating the vast landscapes of Hyrule. Use the left joystick to move Link in different directions, and employ the right joystick to adjust the camera angle. Experiment with the sprint button to cover more ground swiftly.

Unleashing the Sheikah Slate: H2 - Runes and Abilities

The Sheikah Slate, a mystical device in Link's possession, grants access to powerful runes and abilities. To activate them, open the inventory and select the Sheikah Slate. Experiment with the stasis, magnesis, and remote bomb runes to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Mastering these abilities is essential for progressing through the game.

Weapons and Combat: H2 - Battle Stances and Attacks

Engaging enemies in combat is a pivotal aspect of BotW. Equip weapons by accessing the inventory and cycle through them using the D-pad. Experiment with different battle stances and utilize the active attack button for swift strikes. Don't forget the shield button for defense, and perfect your timing for a satisfying parry.

Climbing and Paragliding: H2 - Ascending Heights

Hyrule's vast landscapes are teeming with mountains and structures waiting to be explored. To climb, approach a surface and hold the jump button. Be cautious of Link's stamina gauge, which depletes as he climbs. Once you've conquered the heights, enjoy the thrill of paragliding by jumping and holding the jump button again.

Mounts and Taming: H2 - Riding in Style

No adventure is complete without a trusty steed. Approach wild horses stealthily and mount them by pressing the mount button. Tame your new companion by soothing it with the soothe button. Remember, each horse has unique stats, so choose your companion wisely.

Elemental Affinities: H2 - Harnessing the Elements

Hylian weather can be unpredictable, and elemental hazards abound. To combat these challenges, master the art of elemental controls. Use fire arrows to ignite objects, equip wooden weapons during thunderstorms to avoid lightning strikes, and adapt to the environment by understanding each element's impact on Link.

Mastering Runes: H2 - Advanced Sheikah Slate Techniques

As your journey progresses, the Sheikah Slate evolves, unlocking advanced techniques. Experiment with the camera rune to capture scenic moments and register waypoints. Utilize the amiibo rune to summon helpful items and creatures. These advanced abilities add layers of complexity to your adventure.

Hurdles and Challenges: H2 - Overcoming Perplexities

The world of BotW is filled with perplexing puzzles and challenges. Approach each obstacle with a keen eye and a strategic mind. Use the environment to your advantage, combining runes and abilities to overcome even the most enigmatic trials.

Burstiness in Battle: H3 - Dynamic Combat Strategies

Combat in BotW is dynamic and fast-paced. Embrace burstiness by switching weapons mid-fight, utilizing special attacks, and incorporating the environment into your strategy. The element of surprise can be your greatest ally in challenging battles.

Burstiness in Exploration: H3 - Unpredictable Discoveries

Hyrule is a land of mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Embrace burstiness in exploration by deviating from the beaten path. Investigate seemingly insignificant details, and you might stumble upon hidden shrines, treasure chests, and unexpected surprises.

The Joy of Cooking: H3 - Culinary Burstiness

Surviving in the wild requires more than just combat skills. Experiment with burstiness in cooking by combining various ingredients to create powerful dishes. Discover recipes that enhance your abilities and provide essential buffs for your journey.

Enhancing Burstiness: H4 - Upgrading Abilities and Gear

To truly amplify your burstiness in BotW, invest time in upgrading Link's abilities and gear. Seek out fairy fountains to enhance your clothing, locate Korok seeds to expand your inventory, and trade spirit orbs for heart containers or stamina upgrades.


Congratulations, brave adventurer, for embarking on this exploration of ability controls in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The dynamic mechanics, burstiness in combat and exploration, and the myriad abilities at your disposal make this game a timeless masterpiece. Now, go forth and conquer Hyrule with newfound wisdom!

FAQs: Unveiling BotW's Mysteries

Q1: Can I change the controls in Breath of the Wild? Absolutely! Navigate to the settings menu to customize your control scheme according to your preferences.

Q2: Are there hidden abilities not mentioned in this guide? Indeed! BotW is a treasure trove of secrets. Explore thoroughly to discover additional abilities and surprises.

Q3: How do I unlock advanced Sheikah Slate techniques? Progress through the main questline, completing shrines and challenges to unlock new Sheikah Slate functionalities.

Q4: Can I ride other creatures besides horses? Yes, some divine beasts and special mounts offer unique riding experiences. Seek them out for unforgettable adventures.

Q5: What's the best way to approach combat in Breath of the Wild? Adaptability is key. Experiment with different weapons, use the environment strategically, and be ready to adjust your tactics on the fly.

What Are All The Ability Controls In Botw (2024)


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